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classical theory of output and employment

With aggregate supply curve AS and aggregate demand curve AD1 price level OP1 is determined. Besides, since in classical theory level of aggregate output is determined by the supply of productive resources, (i.e., capital stock, availability of labour, land etc.) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Friedman (1968) later introduced the concept of the natural of unemployment when discussing equilibrium unemployment in the labor market.” (Snowdon 2005 p. 44). It needs to be emphasised that under such condi­tions, two things ensures full employment. QUESTION:Compare and contrast the classical economist and the neo classical economist theory of employment and output QUESTION:Compare and contrast the classical economist and the neo classical economist theory of employment and output Classical The Economic System is self-adjusting to full employment. Consequently, real wage cannot be considered as a mechanism to adjust employment anymore but labor demand does. It follows from above that the quick changes in the real wage rate upward or downward ensures that neither excess supply of labour, nor excess demand for labour will persist and thus equilibrium will be reached with full employment of labour in the economy. In other words, there is no involuntary unemployment of labour in this equilibrium situation. theory) Classical macroeconomics: o Output is always at full employment (equilibrium) level o Only full-employment points could be positions of even short-run equilibrium o There is perfect information Classical economics o Output is not always at full employment (equilibrium) level o There can be no full-employment in the short-run When real wage rate rises, two effects work in opposite direction. Quantity theory of money is generally expressed by Fisher’s equation of exchange, income version of which is stated as under: V – Income velocity of circulation of money, Y = Level of aggregate output (or real income). According to classical economists, it is the changes in the rate of interest that brings about equality between saving and investment. 1. The relationship between additional labor and additional output is positive. It therefore follows that at the real wage (W/P)0, there is no involuntary unemployment, or, in other words, full-employment of labour prevails. Velocity of money is defined as the number of times a unit of money is used for purchase of final goods and services in a period, say during a year. According to them, even in the short run full-employment of labour force would tend to prevail as the economy would not experience any problem of deficiency of demand. //

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