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kawai vs yamaha

This allows you to play and select from a number of these fine Japanese built pianos along with a number of historic, fully rebuilt pianos. The C3 is 6'1" and the C5 is 6'11". The major difference lies in their approach to digital piano construction. Now, the P-125 is technically a newer instrument as it hasn’t been on the market nearly as long as the ES110 has, however, these both continue to stack up really, really well. Having said that, there is an option to play a Bösendorfer concert grand sound sampling on the Yamaha which means you have multiple tone options as the Bösendorfer offers a rich, mellow tone. Currently, the new Millennium III action parts are made of ABS infused with Carbon Fiber for added strength and rigidity. Kawai offers a Ten Year Factory Warranty with each of their new acoustic pianos. To the above contrary, I do not mean that ABS is better than Wood or vise versa. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, © Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. 2020 – Site Crafted By Benjamin M. Rogers. Several decades ago, Kawai made the bold decision to begin the production of piano action components utilizing ABS-Styran. The YDP-164 was released a bit later tho, and I wonder if they made nice improvements since the YDP-163 in terms of keyboard mechanics and sound engine, which would place it in front of the Kawai … A piano is one of the most popular music devices in the market. Back to Product List. Sign up for more information about our private lessons. Kawai Es110 vs Yamaha P45 . The U1 is much more traditional, using different wooden synthetics, whereas the Kawai has ventured into new technologies, replacing wooden parts with carbon fibre components. The Yamaha CLP675, Roland LX706 and Kawai CA78 models. I have been in the market for a piano lately, and I have visited 5 or 6 dealerships in Texas and Louisiana, playing Kawai, Yamaha, Essex, and several other baby grand manufacturers. I can confidently say both are equal when it comes to quality. Yamaha and Kawai pianos are equally well made. Time To Tune! (We also stock a selection of refurbished, pre-owned Yamaha grand pianos and upright pianos for sale in order to offer as many options to you as possible.). The Kawai seems to offer more piano sounds than the Yamaha, including an upright piano, which might be nice. In terms of tone, Kawai pianos typically have a more mellow tone in comparison to the Yamaha, which tends to be a bit brighter. , Kawai endured ninety years of history to become one of the leading piano makers in the world. We know this because if you do a quick sort of Google Suggest, there’s people all over the world that are constantly trying to find comparisons between ES110 portable digital piano and the P-1… kept near a kitchen in a bar, church or home with the top always up where kitchen grease adheres to the strings and mechanics. Well, that does affect the touch and sound at all. Here, St. Augustine, FL teacher Heather L. shares a bit about two of the best piano brands…. Add at least two items to compare. Yamaha is known for having a distinctly bright tone, and I think it’s true. Whether a piano is bright or warm can also have a lot to do with the voicing of the instrument (the hardness of the felt on the hammers). Yamaha’s voice can be better than other pianos, which may be a real benefit for some styles of music. Kawai Es85 - Keyboard - Number of keys: 88 Key - Action: Graded-hammer - Key size: Full. Try it for yourself. The first thing you will have to see in our Kawai vs. Yamaha Digital Piano comparison is that these two brands make completely different digital pianos. Yamaha Pianos vs Kawai Pianos - Review! With a selection of brands including Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Yamaha and Steinway & Sons, we are confident you will find your dream piano here at Chupp’s! Both the Yamaha C and the RX Kawai are very good pianos. I think, Sound & Touch are an individuals choice. Getting ready to buy your first piano, but not sure which manufacturer to look into? Question: “I am considering both Yamaha and Kawai pianos and they seem similar. Grade 3 exam coming up.) You cannot call any of these better than the other in terms of quality. The piano had been “gone over”, not rebuilt, but cleaned, polished and voiced. They continue to produce high-quality pianos at a price point that is hard to beat—even for Yamaha. I bought a 6′ 1″ used Kawai KG3E from a quality used piano store. 67267 State Road 15 Both pianos are assembled in Indonesia though we are informed that all Kawai parts are made in Japan so we assume that this is probably the case with the Yamaha. Yamaha Vs Kawai Used Piano – Updated Article Posted on January 5, 2019 December 12, 2019 by Piano Specialist The discussion between a Yamaha and Kawai piano is still an ongoing debate on which is the best between the two. Yamaha’s action (the way that the key respond to pressing) and sustain (how long tones last) are noticeably better. The air is a bit chillier, hot cider is back on the menu, Thanksgiving plans are being worked out... and it's time ... © Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. 2020 – Site Crafted By, Restoration of a “Golden Age” Steinway Grand Piano, Dr. Charles Clevenger’s Farewell Recital | Cedarville University. “Kawai and Yamaha’s are tanks that old up to continued playing and use and are usually still excellent players, provided they have been maintained in a climate controlled environment and regularly tuned and serviced.”, “Yamaha and Kawai are very stable interments made of excellent materials. Yamaha pianos are often near the top of the list when pianists begin looking for a good piano. It’s important to devote the same kind of careful research that you’d give to any big buy. Although both Yamaha and Kawai pianos are priced higher than some of their lower end competitors, nothing can substitute for good build quality and careful attention to detail. Kawai pianos offer a warmer, fuller quality of tone when compared to a normal piano built by Yamaha. They use natural materials such as wood and their … If you are interested in the purchase of a Kawai grand, upright or digital piano, feel free to get in touch with us today. Now about Technology: Kawai uses ABS carbon Styran [A carbon composite material that is suppose to be stronger, lighter and faster than wood] where as other brands use wood. Yamaha's sound is very bright and easily recognizable. Considering that Yamaha is a larger company with higher production volume, it make sense to say that Yamaha uprights should cost less than similar pianos built by Kawai. Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, Kawai endured ninety years of history to become one of the leading piano makers in the world. By not taking too much turns and curves, let me get straight to the point. If you are interested in the purchase of a Kawai grand, upright or, . So what separates Kawai pianos from Yamaha pianos? The touch has also been improved. I very surprised to read your comments on the Kauai piano. Some models are famous for mellow sound as well, like K200. Both of the companies build an incredibly high number of pianos each year. The stereotypical sound of a Kawai is broad with a rich fullness which is quite pleasant and lacking unwanted harshness. You are presumably aware that purchasing a piano is not viable in that “fast and furious” way, simply due to the instrument’s highway robbery prices. I respect both Kawai and Yamaha. They are both based in Japan and have decades of experience in the crafting of both upright and grand pianos. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. For many families, it’s one of the larger purchases that you’ll ever make for your home. (She is the reason we're buying a piano. On these basis I could say Kawai Pianos should cost more than Yamaha. You certainly would be pleased with the craftsmanship of Kawai or Yamaha pianos. Some people love to play music, including playing the guitar or piano. Customer Service 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765. Piano World Home Page Forums Our Most Popular Forums Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Kawai ES8 vs. Yamaha P515 (Action) Search Advanced Forum Search Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. | New Kawai Grand, Upright & Digital Pianos | Restored Steinway and Mason & Hamlin, Tags: Kawai, Pianos, What's the Difference?, Yamaha. Kawai doesn't make as many pianos as Yamaha, but you will still find Kawai products in many places. Kawai K-300 and the Yamaha U1 are two of the most popular pianos on the market today. I know In the end, it all boils down to the choice of the pianist, but undermining a piano is an insult to a piano maker. This incredible name recognition has allowed them to price their pianos at a high price point. Today, Kawai pianos come standard with their industry leading Millennium III ABS-Carbon Fiber action. And different students will choose different pianos. It’s so distinct, in fact, that I think that I could pick out a Yamaha piano out of several played if I were blindfolded. Our piano showroom is located in Goshen, IN and is open for private appointment. Even if you play those piano from the bottom tip to the closer edge of the piano, you can put better expression when compared to present tech piano. Yamaha P515 - Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples bring two of the world's finest and most prominent concert grand pianos to your fingertips The many years since have proven the stability and accuracy of their new parts, which today, are widely accepted and credited by the piano industry. This high production capacity combined with truly good quality has made both brands the choice of musicians, students and piano lovers around the globe. The truth is, you can visit a piano store, play both Kawai and Yamaha pianos, and decide for yourself which sound is more appealing. Kawai pianos, especially their grand pianos, have undergone steady and constant improvements in their design and workmanship over the years.Today, Kawai pianos come standard with their industry leading Millennium III ABS-Carbon Fiber action. Over Four Decades of Piano Experience. No items to compare. Often, however, Kawai stealing the show owing to its long history and endurance in the industry coupled with below reasons: 1. Kawai Upright Piano, Piano Information, Yamaha Upright Piano Yamaha VS Kawai. Find Private Teaching Jobs on TakeLessons. Best Price Click Here . Yamaha’s now have some Bosendorfer influence in them (they bought Bosendorfer about a decade ago) so are they really now just “Asian” pianos? We match you with expert teachers in over 300 subjects so that you can learn something new through 100% 21 Aug. We always come across a frequently asked question from customers or parents that is regarding to Yamaha and Kawai Piano. But yes, ABS makes the instrument entirely is Tropical. I have probably played 50 different baby grands in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Kawai, as a company, has long spoken out in favor of building pianos with plastic and composite materials, instead of wood, which inherently changes the texture, tone, and touch when played. In order to review the Yamaha GB1 baby grand, we’ve compared it to a similarly priced baby grand, the Kawai GM-10. Several decades ago, Kawai made the bold decision to begin the production of piano action components utilizing ABS-Styran. So Yamaha P515, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $1999 Kawai ES8, as seen on the chart below. Kawai ES110 vs Yamaha P125 are two models that are highly recommended if you are looking for a portable digital piano that won’t break the bank. Which Piano is Right for You: Yamaha Vs. Kawai? But some of Yamaha’s newer models actually sound a little warmer in the treble section of the keys than Kawai’s. Kawai MP11SE Vs Yamaha CP88 Admin / November 9, 2020 / No Comments. For the record, Yamaha & Kawai share a similar history of Piano making. Many institutions, schools, and performing artists favor Yamaha for this very reason. As far as quality is concerned most would agree that while there are some technical differences and some tonal differences, the two brands are regarded as high quality by professionals all around the world. There are plenty warm-sounding Kawai grands, the RX, the GX series and each piano is different and depends on factors like acoustics and the technician that tuned and voiced it. About the sound: KAWAI pianos has warm, cheerful and bright sound. Yamaha SC2/SH2 . For many of us, pianos come into our homes as part of a long-term plan to be passed down to future generations. Kawai pianos are also known for their composite Blak collection. Founded in 1927 by. Highlighting more towards KAWAI pianos, this brand manufactures only Pianos [No other musical instruments]. This can affect the way it feels to play quite dramatically, but perhaps i… For this reason, I believe that Yamaha is the builder of more solidly constructed and longer-lasting instruments. They don’t cut corners and have few issues with holding tune or failed components. Ask David Osborne a Steinway piano artist and it will make you trade your Steinway for the S. Kawai. Yamaha and Kawai are Japanese pianos, quite different than Korean or Chinese, and use materials from different parts of the world. You certainly would be pleased with the craftsmanship of Kawai or Yamaha pianos. Both can be voiced to your liking.”, “Older Kawai’s typically are a bit mellower in tone while older Yamaha’s tend to age a bit brighter, both can be voiced to your liking.”, “The Kawai and Yamaha pianos of the 80s and 90’s were made of slower growing forested spruce, maple, etc., still available at that time, vs. the more rapid grown farmed woods of today (growth stimulated/heavily fertilized) which have larger grain structure.”. Digital Piano Comparison: Yamaha VS Roland VS Kawai VS Casio: Which Brand Is Best? In the end after trying them we liked the Kawai sound better and bought the K500. Several decades ago, Kawai made the bold decision to begin the production of piano action components utilizing ABS-Styran. The ABS Styran was one of the first revolution that KAWAI brought in to the industry and to be noticed, it is patented. If they have a sound the students connect with, then they’ll be the piano for that student or parent. Comparing Yamaha YDP-164 vs Korg C1 Air vs Kawai KDP110 . Best Price Click Here . Second revolution by KAWAI. Kawai’s singular focus is on musical instruments, specifically, pianos. Now, about the longer keys in KAWAI Pianos, it makes the piano very expressive. The K-3 is a brand-new design from Kawai. Two of the first questions that I get from parents of my piano students are “What kind of piano should I get?” and “What are the best piano brands?” The facts of the matter are that our modern piano is a 19th century invention about which many people, even pianists, don’t know a lot about, and the current piano manufacturing industry is always changing. Perhaps, you are perplexed in fathoming which portable digital piano is better, Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8. These actions are utilized in both Kawai grand and upright pianos. Photo by DieselDemon, MIKI Yoshihito, Joann Wan. I consider myself an early advanced pianist, and I play primarily classical. for over forty years, we can help you find the grand or upright piano that is right for you. In fact, just last November, i helped my friend get a piano. “The Kawai and Yamaha pianos of the 80s and 90’s were made of slower growing forested spruce, maple, etc., still available at that time, vs. the more rapid grown farmed woods of today (growth stimulated/heavily fertilized) which have larger grain structure.” These are the comments I received from an array of piano technicians and players regarding affordable brands to consider. The Kawai uses plastic wippens (action parts) but I … When thinking of purchasing an upright piano, both Yamaha and Kawai tend to check several basic requirements. ThePianoBuyer.com is a great place to start before making your purchase. They continue to produce high-quality pianos at a price point that is hard to beat—even for Yamaha. As. Sort: Clear All. So, let’s talk about the tone on the P-125 on my left and the ES110 on my right. may be in your best interest. These actions are utilized in both Kawai grand and, In conclusion, it must be recognized that each piano is different and only you the pianist can select the piano that is right for you. Yamaha and Kawai should be just played and listened to without any pre-conceived notions of them being “Asian” sounding, “bright,” or any such characteristic. Although they began as a musical instrument maker (as referenced by their logo which is made up of three, interlocked tuning forks) today, they manufacture everything from motorcycles to golf carts. Height wise there is an obvious difference, the Yamaha U3 is 130.5 cms tall while the Kawai K300 is less imposing at 122. Shipping Free … In Tune With The Seasons - Piano Tuning by Chupp's Piano Service Fall is in the air. Yamaha has really changed its sound going from their C to CX pianos and they certainly have a sustained tone and some warmth to them as well. They pointed out the Baldwin and Steinways were great when maintained but needed more love. With Yamaha, you are getting a tried and tested, traditional action. While it is your opinion that you love Yamaha, have you tried the S. Kawai? On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha P515 is a more popular digital piano, based on its 10+ reviews. Let the piano speak to the pianist rather the sales people . By Richard Blenkinsop / February 16th, 2020 / There are currently 2 comments With so many different digital piano models available from various brands, it’s easy to get lost … All focus is on the pianos. And “dead, metallic and dark” is an insult to a solely piano maker which makes me think, you played an poorly serviced kawai. Their claim is that this aids pianists in the performance of passages requiring great dexterity, in other words, passages with lots of ornamentation or especially fast-moving measures. Contact Us. The sound, however bright, is still full and well-rounded. The majority of new grand and upright pianos built by Kawai also offer longer keysticks.

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