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fundamentals of business management textbook

Why not similar chapters for other industries? It is a very valuable, excellent and suitable book for both educational and professional purpose bringing together history, concepts and practices on business process management. The layout presents the material well and is easy to read. The book, by it's electronic nature, is naturally flexible but only to the extent of being able to cut or move materials but I am not sure if an adopter can add his/her own chapters/sections. The book could use more graphs, pictures, diagrams, etc. Fundamentals of Business - Canadian Edition ... An introductory textbook in business that covers a variety of topics: The Foundations of Business, Economics and Business, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Business in a Global Environment, Forms of Business Ownership, Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business, Management … textbook created by the community aims to evolve over time to be best-in-class, up-to-date, and, perhaps most importantly, make available at no cost to students anywhere in the world, but particularly to students in the developing world. It covers the following topics in business: teamwork; economics; ethics; entrepreneurship; business ownership, management… Stoner & Wankai, Management … Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike It flows well if a freshman or any student new to the business major (otherwise why one would read such a book) can get past the boring look and "feel" of the book. Reviewed by Ann Strunk, Adjunct Instructor, Klamath Community College on 6/20/17, The text covers all the typical topics for introductory business course. Subject Economics, Finance, Business & Management The chapters are stand-alone, for the most part. The individual chapters are of various lengths. The content is standard and can be found in many similar textbooks. Reviewed by Mindy Bean, Faculty, Linn-Benton Community College on 6/19/18, The OER does well on covering topics in an introductory level business course. This text does a good job of introducing key functions of an organization (Marketing, HR, Accounting/Finance) as well as core principles such as ethics, legal issues, and economics. It looks like one of the contributors to this text has a specialty in this area. Concepts, methods and tools from business management… There are no noticeable grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. The material is written well for a student's first time learning business and how to apply it to what is happening around them. It won’t earn you an MBA, but it will give you an education in business success. Gaining an understanding of the legal topics (Chapter 5 Forms of Business Ownership) was not necessary to learning about subsequent chapters such as Marketing, HR, economics, etc. Only areas "missing" = Information Systems... MGMT then OB/OD, etc. - Addition of links to related external videos. Call it business school in 10 books. C. Another superfluous chapter is #15 (Hospitality and Tourism). Historic ethics cases such as WorldCom and Bernie Madoff are presented. Globalization section addresses cultural differences in a way that is not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. I am VERY likely to adopt this text for the next Intro to Business class that I teach. The contents are accurate. The book is consistent from chapter to chapter. The text is quite comprehensive covering: ECON, Ethics, Global Business, Forms of Ownership, Entre, MGMT, OB/OD, OM, Motivation, H/R, Unions, MKTG, Pricing, Hospitality MGMT, ACCT/FIN, and Personal FIN. The need of existence of management has increased tremendously. Well researched and the sources are thoroughly documented. Management is essential not only for business … A testbank is now available by request for this book. The information itself is rooted in fundamental concepts of each chapter's topic or subject matter within the business discipline and there are no overt attempts to lead the reader in a particular manner to form bias or opinions, other than to establish critical thinking of topics. The last chapter on Personal Finances does come after Chapter 16 Accounting but seems out of place with no connection to the rest of the text. How about moving an itemized summary of it to an appendix at the end. That said, overall the text is laid out logically and "like" content is connected in successive chapters, e.g. Productivity and Operations Management - Overall Control and toward the Future through Preventive Control - Global Controlling and Global Challenges. An introductory textbook in business that covers a variety of topics: The Foundations of Business, Economics and Business, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Business in a Global Environment, Forms of Business Ownership, Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business, Management and Leadership, Structuring Organizations, Operations Management, Motivating Employees, Managing Human Resources, Union/Management Issues, Marketing: Providing Value, Accounting and Financial Information, and Personal Finances. Fundamentals of Business (2016) is an openly licensed (CC BY NC SA 3.0) textbook designed for use in Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business introductory level business course, MGT1104 Foundations of Business. Introduction to business and management J. Timms MN1107, 996D107, 2790107 2011 Undergraduate study in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences This is an extract from a subject … read more. The dynamism of the contemporary businesses could have been captured better, however. Fundamentals of Business, Second Edition (2018) is an 372-page open education resource intended to serve as a no-cost, faculty customizable primary text for one-semester undergraduate introductory business courses. The students are asked to reflect upon certain key questions, from time to time. An instructor could pull needed material from this course text to supplement other teaching materials as well as to expand on the introductory materials contained herein to build out a more robust, in-depth course on any of the topics contained within this textbook. The material is appropriate for an introductory course to serve as the foundation for general business or to move on to a concentration in any of these business disciplines. This is a very specific chapter embedded within the book about an industry while the rest of the book is mostly general information that could be applied to any number or types of organizations. Fundamentals of Business, 3rd edition is intended for a wide range of undergraduate business students including those majoring or considering majors in marketing, management, business administration, accounting, finance, real estate, business … The Chapter 15: Hospitality and Tourism is relevant to the increasing industry segment. No culturally insensitive use of language or images noted. Chapter lengths and the length of the entire text fit well with the organization of a class over a semester. J.] Social media marketing is thorough discussed. 6 Organizing Once a manager has set goals and developed a workable plan, the next management VSP Rao, V Hari Krishna – Management: Text and Cases, Excel Books, I Edition, 2004 3. It covers the following topics in business: Teamwork; economics; ethics; entrepreneurship; business ownership, management… With a 2016 publication date, it is up-to-date and should have a shelf life of several years. Graphics are appealing and provide a distinct look for the various sections of the text. Proper use of deeper indentations and special boxes can give the book a more interesting and magazine-like feel, although I understand that part of the bland look is due to cost restrictions. The material is easily accessible to the Introduction to Business student. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book is clear in the writing that can be easily read. Students and professionals from both business management and computer science will benefit from the step-by-step style of the textbook and its focus on fundamental concepts and proven methods. 2. One chapter (Chapter 15: Hospitality and Tourism) does not make a lot of sense. the book looks like a long term paper! Chapter 13, Marketing (Introduction to the topic plus discussion of the Product aspects) Fundamentals of business engineering and management: A systems approach to people and organisations [ten Haaf, ir W., Bikker, prof H., Adriaanse, ir. This text seems to be set up well for student team work to learn on each important topic of business basics. Chapter 12 (Union-Management Issues) is not necessary in such a basic business text. Your Business Finances. With technological advances and competitive nature of business, this book's … I did not find any of words or phrases that may come across as culturally insensitive or politically incorrect. There are two chapters that do not quite seem to fit in with the rest of the text: chapter 12 discusses Union/Management Issues, which makes sense in the flow of the book that it follows chapter 11 on HR, but for an introductory course the chapter 12 topic gets into a lot of HR detail not generally covered in an introductory course.

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