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dog fell down stairs seems ok

You need to add 2 other reasons! These details can help your veterinarian to assess and treat your dog. You might notice this if your dog hugs the wall while on stairs. My dog?puppy fell down the stairs yesterday, she appears to be ok in her self i.e. If you don't witness the actual incident or impact, you can still recognize head trauma in dogs based on symptoms alone. “Dogs with spine, neck, disc, and back problems find it painful to lift or lower their head when they go up or down stairs,” Wood says. Leg issues — He had TPLO surgery on his right rear knee 3 years earlier, but at our most recent vet appointment … He may have injured his leg on the stairs somehow. My dog got down from the stairs and he's limping from the back left leg. If your dog seems unusually disoriented. Managing pain and providing further supportive care will be necessary, as well as making the environment safe by blocking off stairs and dangerous places where a dog might fall down and get hurt. He is crying of pain, he is a lab. Labs are prone to hip and knee injuries so this could be why he's limping. Oh no, poor Sky! “They might also struggle on stairs if they have vestibular disease, which affects balance. It sounds like he is in a lot of pain. Tips on Treating Dog Ear Infections with Apple Cider Vinegar. Some dogs that suddenly collapse will actually lose consciousness. If you do witness the incident, try to make note of important details, such as the height that your dog fell from or the surface that he landed on. Understanding why your dog is having difficulty with stairs is the first step. Stumbling or falling down occurs when a dog’s sense of balance goes awry, or when another health condition that brings weakness, dizziness, or pain to the dog causes the dog to fall over. Neurological issues look a little different. Acute collapse is a sudden loss of strength causing your dog to fall and be unable to rise. Cognitive dysfunction, similar to Alzheimer’s for dogs, can occur if your dog’s mental faculties begin to decline. If you see your dog wanting to go down the stairs to be with you, but seems scared, there are some things you can do that will make life easier. 3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Acting Aggressive at Night. In acute collapse, your pet falls to the ground either into a sitting position (hind limb collapse) or a lying position (complete collapse). Some dogs won’t go down stairs anymore due to age, illness, and fear. And if you've been noticing your dog falling down the stairs … Overview of Acute Collapse in Dogs. Sometimes, the problem can be something treatable. eating and getting around etc, but - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. He didn’t fall down the stairs, didn’t get scared one time on the stairs, and didn’t have any other strange occurrences on the steps that we were aware of. 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Falling Down the Stairs. 2 Comments Mary Ellen Copeland January 28, 2020 at 12:03 pm Reply. Dogs are very well-coordinated animals that don’t lose their balance as easily as, for example, very young kids.

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