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are you human? episode 36

Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Season 2 Episode 36. Seo returns home and tells her to stay overseas until she has calmed down. She only wanted to be with human Shin, which is in line with her motivation throughout the drama. At the end of the day it’s entertainment. Lol. After returning, Young Hoon carefully sets up a plan to make things go back to … ( Log Out /  This time round, they notice him and give chase, thinking that he’s the human Shin. Regardless of the ratings, I think this project has been made a success largely because Seo Kang Joon really rose to the occassion. Ray of Light (一筋の光, Hitosuji no Hikari?) Thank you for sticking around and hope to see you guys soon, perhaps in any of our leads’ projects! I kept waiting eagerly for the show to reveal this twist, but they didn’t. And in a flashback, we see that whilst human Shin and robot Shin were facing off on the rooftop, Laura was actually watching in from another tablet. etc? Perhaps this is also why I didn’t quite like robot Shin losing his abilities because I felt like that wasn’t the point of the show. It’s my personal opinion but I am extra thankful that this role didn’t go to Go Ara. is the show’s subtle, intangible question posed every episode to its viewers, and although I don’t think they highlighted this very well in the finale, I think this show is meant to be a commentary on what humanity means. The watch is there; it is him! She turns around again instinctively with a frown but her face melts into bewilderment as she takes in the sight before her. Soo love this series and fell in love with his character as Robot and not to mention he's good looking. David was actually talking aloud to robot Shin, not to the Shin next to him. Ye Na reads the news about Laura’s death and finally realises that her room is tapped. In the past, she thought that she had no choice but to destroy robot Shin. Episode 36 + add to watchlist. I wasn’t expecting that. I guess it is the drama’s way of bringing the leads closer to each other and to make it more accceptable for a human to last long with a robot. We are also excited to announce that this is our very first SHRM credit approved podcast episode. Throughout the story, they hinted that humans with internal metal components like a heart pace maker, a metal rod leg are cyborg by definition, part human and part machine, and following this logic the show has ended with a AI that is mostly human. I didn’t notice that! Drama Korea “Are You Human Too?” akan di tayangkan akhir tahun 2017 di saluran tv KBS2.Drakor terbaru ini adalah garapan dari sutradara Cha Young-Hoon yang pernah membuat serial “Becky’s Back” dan di bantu penulis skenario Jo Jung-Joo. Are You Human? Truthfully, I put this show off for a while because I didn’t know the two leads well, but I eventually started because of Lee Joon Hyuk. “I want to cry like a person.”, So Bong hugs him from behind, “I’ll hug you…because your heart is crying.”. I kinda bristled at this, because it felt so glaringly unrealistic – no one writes an article about how the guy is arrested if the guy is still there, obviously UNARRESTED. She calls Young Hoon, who similarly cannot get through to Shin, and tells him that it was Seo who killed Laura. He was consistently thinking about his mother, considering her feelings and putting them first, and missing her after they were they were separated. What should she do? I laugh a little when I see how the rod is the thing which bends upon being in contact with robot Shin. Human Shin tags behind, “Sorry! Dramas with one final episode dedicated to showing happy endings, while good for my heart, also ironically temper my drama blues drastically. For example, I think So Bong should have been portrayed as less annoying in the first four episodes. Hopefully, there will be a drama soon which I find intruiging enough to recap and hope to hear from you then!<3. I think his ‘personality’ is stored within himself, as is his awareness of So Bong. Seo was brilliant here on both characters especially as Robot. I hope you do recaps of other dramas too because I will look forward to following you. When the couple reaches the location as human Shin has instructed, David calls again. He is an ungrateful son of a bitch in the first place. As he moves backwards with each shot, he doesn’t stop looking at So Bong. You can paste URL of the image inside It’s me.”. Episode 36 – The Human Connection: The Vital Role of Emotional Intelligence in Building Great Teams | Alan Samuel Cohen Do you wonder what it takes to build greater followership as a leader? Anyway, it’s happy ending, how nice..! Episode Sebelumnya : Sinopsis Are You Human Too Episode 33 - 34 Lebih dari montase adegan yang menggambarkan hubungan Ro-ra dengan Shin dan Nam Shin-III, suaranya memberitahu kita, “Anak yang … Since the reversal chip isn’t completed well, the kill-switch is reactivated again in the night. We cant do anything about it. The whole effect just comes together so beautifully. Episode 36. “I’m your robot after all.” I knew it, that he will promise to come back – and robot Shin never breaks his promise! As robot Shin falls through the water, the camera shows us his necklace and his wrist, and the server room being disconnected. Seo calls to offer his condolescences for Laura, “The robot lost control and…” Shin starts to feel scared. 47:19. 15 hours countdown. Shin turns to look at her crying and she says she’s okay, “I’m crying on your behalf since you can’t.”, As the snow falls heavily outside, Shin leaves the cabin and looks at the sky. Are You Human? I knew she did from the preview, but I so desperately want her to stay alive just because she’s such a genius and also because I wished human Shin can reconcile with his mother. The ending was a tad rushed for my liking (like I’d said, I would prefer them giving more details as to how robot Shin is saved and also an epilogue) but you probably can’t deny that for a good 80-90% of the show, the drama was intact and solid. Also to your other comment, exactly – robot Shin HAD emotions, and the pinnacle of that development was watching him unable to cry for the death of his mother. Episode 36 English Sub has been released. not so happy ending for everyone. I also hope that robot Shin has his data and ability backed up because it would have been a waste of Laura’s two decades of work for it to be gone just like that. It’s funny how watching an episode the second time for recap purposes brings another layer of feels and thoughts. Hey no problem at all! Nam Shin is a son from a family who runs a large company. Laura Oh (Kim Sung Ryung) is a genius scientist and one of South Korea’s leading authorities on both AI and robotics. ( Korean: 너도 인간이니; RR: Neodo Inganini; lit. So Bong ends up finding out about this as well and tries to stop Namsin3, but Namsin3 insists that he must save Nam Sin. i even thought that the human shin and shannon will be together by the end since to be fell inlove with a robot is impossible. I love how the dramas turn these little things on their heads with a little twist. 1 year later?? Seo appears triumphantly, much to the delight of the shareholders. He asks if Seo wants to contact Ye Na but Seo smiles a little and shakes his head. I’m glad you stumbled upon this recap anyway! season 1 episode 32 Another Nam Sin : Nam Sin makes Chairman Nam sign the stock transfer agreement papers and becomes the new chairman of PK Group. (Read this: Okay I inserted this section because I realise there are some people who don’t get why robot Shin didn’t die and felt like it was just a cliche random ressurection. Human Shin tells her to stay with him because it’s dangerous out there and she shrugs him aside, “Do you know what he gave up to come here? Seo watches and tells Park on the phone that he has gotten the signature, “To think my dream came true through a piece of paper. Hehe I’m always happy to read comments such as yours because it makes me feel like my recaps have meaning. Continuously.”. He recalls her asking him to return to Czech with her, and he crumbles in tears. Serial drakor ini menggantikan drama seri sebelum nya yaitu drama “ The Miracle We Met ” dan dilanjutkan dengan drama Korea “ Lovely Horribly ” pada 13 Agustus 2018. [00:00] Introduction[00:34] What i While I do think it’s natural that people want to grow old together, I feel like that can’t really be elevated to a status of an intrinsic value….? I have to say tho, I love ur breakdown, ur thoughts on human/robot relationships, the whole “growing old together as a gift” idea (personally Im all for human-robot relationships, who really needs to grow old together? It felt like a middle ground they chose between keeping robot Shin in full robot mode and giving him a human body. Are You Human Too_ _ ep. As for Seo, it seems that it was never revealed that he was the one who strangled Jung Woo’s dad? ( Log Out /  1 Plot 2 Locations 3 Adaptation Notes 4 Trivia 5 References 6 Navigation Having descended onto Underworld, the first group of American players began … Young Hoon and David can hear Shin crying from within the parlour, where Laura’s body lies. “I’m close to an average human now.” So Bong replies, “It’s okay. The colours in this scene are so pastel and pretty. Afterthought:One reason I don’t find it so impossible that the robot Shin cried, while he said from the very beginning he didn’t have feelings because he wasn’t a person, it was obviously a falsehood, from the very beginning he demonstrated feelings for his mother. For So Bong’s Dad, it would have been cute to watch some form of epilogue where they perhaps make another birthday party for Shin or where Dad lecutres Shin on how to be a good husband/boyfriend – that would have really made me smile. I said you didn’t have to like me. I suppose that’s because they feel like the viewers would have caught on to that anyway and therefore, the focus would have been to bring the couple back for the most beautiful reunion they can imagine. Robot Shin wished he could get but human Shin did cry. I can’t believe it’s over for real! Vidéos à découvrir. Basically, when robot Shin removes his battery, this stops the countdown and effectively stops the kill-switch. Namsin3 realizes that the kill switch has been reactivated and tells David about it. Bravo Seo Kang Joon this is a master piece series!! Real life couples face problems like this too but are you telling me that that means one partner should leave the other? is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Seo Kang-jun and Gong Seung-yeon. Dear Kseries Users This Korean Drama Are You Human? Thank you for your awesome recap! Both Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) finally met at the last episode and then the human Seo Kang Jun got into an accident at the end of the last episode. It’s nice to read a comment about AYHT because it’s still one of my faves despite having ended quite a while back. Park mutters, “If you are human Nam Shin, I will kill you.”. . So Bong asks if David called about the back-up watch because she has one and Shin hurriedly replies that David only wants to see him because he misses him. Signaler. I’m positive that’s robot Shin as there is no need for the scriptwriters to dupe us with another switch, since that isn’t the point of the show. Title: 너도 인간이니 / Are You Human Too? Remember how So Bong threatens Laura that she will keep robot Shin turned off so that Laura can never use the kill-switch? I absolutely loved this drama from start to finish. Some REAL people also definitely don’t see having children as the hallmark of happiness or what it means to have a loving and meaningful relationship. Ep 17/18 (33 to 36) really dialed up the notch on melodrama and I wasn’t quite sure that the drama had prepped us adequately for that. The final shot rings out and he falls into the sea. There’s a tear in his eyes. With Seo Kang-Joon, Gong Seung-Yeon, Kim Sung-Ryung, Joon-hyuk Lee. David’s reaction is a nice contrast to Robot Shin’s and I’d like to think it’s an intentional touch. She watched as robot Shin approached the edge of the rooftop and knew that she must stop both of them. While the two meet outside the warehouse, they see the news on their phone that NamShin III has been arrested for the murder of Ms Oh. Are You Human Too? P.S post 2-weeks later, I clearly still love the show, so I wrote a post on 7 Reasons to Watch Are You Human Too for easy sharing with our friends – the article is spoiler-free but also encapsulates the main reasons why I think this show is a must-watch. Tears aren’t the only way to show emotions. Season 2. As she leaves for her room, she falls. I know that many people like it and that it’s to show that he’s becoming more human-like, but hmm I don’t think that’s necessary. To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. Sure we treat him like a person, but he’s not a person. Have not heard from you in a while~ Yeah I didn’t like the fact that he lost his abilities; it didn’t really make sense to me because he’s not a superhero – he’s something that can be fixed. À suivre. Robot Shin literally says he no longer has his previous abilities, as he is now more human than before, Therefore, his new body is made of mostly flesh akin to a human. I thought this was what the drama was pushing for all along, which was why I was so surprised when the other interpretation popped up. hope she didnt have to die. He replies with a location tag. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. It’s like he had achieved the full evolution of growth yet it’s so heartbreaking to watch the physical manifestation of tears as something standing in between him and being “human”. Meanwhile, everyone is out to search Namsin3 and Nam Sin, but Jong Gil refuses … Meanwhile, So Bong takes care of a very still robot Shin by putting on a cap and mask for him. I realise I never once said this through the drama but can I just say, I am sooo in admiration of Dr Laura Oh? We return to the end of last episode where the barrels are unleashed onto the mother and son, and Laura pushes him aside. For example, Ye Na’s last shot is at the station; Grandpa’s last shot was in the nursing home. Her hand falls away from robot Shin’s face in real life, while robot Shin murmurs her name in disbelief. Directed by Murray Golden. Indeed it’s just a drama (but for myself, I was taken aback because I never once thought people would think they switched. Track Are You Human Too? I suppose it is suitable to end off this recap with what I think ultimately of the two Shins. Besides, the Shin in black is undoubtedly human Shin when you see the way he behaves. I actually quite like your theory and it would be such a great, logical explanation as to why he lost his abilities. Thank you, Gong Seung Yeon, for bringing life to your own character, for being the true pillar of support to robot Shin! He reluctantly leaves his mother behind, while David cuddles Laura and cries, “Was this why you thanked me? I’m guessing it took a year to fix and repair the robot, and he might not be that capable of fixing the robot, hence most of the extra features like lie detector is removed, and added crying capability to the robot to make him seem more life-like. Human Shin returns home to find an entire meal prepared for him and scoffs. I think it was just the pastel colors and lighting but it freaked me out and if we hadn’t had the men watching, I would have thought it was all in her head! He plans to kidnap human Shin and threaten Young Hoon to turn over the shares since Shin is his weakness. “I’ll be back. True, annoying that he’s lost his abilities, but at least they they to be together! Namsin3 realizes that the kill switch has been reactivated and tells David about it. Upon robot Shin’s instructions, So Bong puts on the back-up watch on human Shin because he wants human Shin to pretend like he’s the robot. Meanwhile, Young Hoon faces an angry mob of shareholders who wonders at his involvement since he publicly announces that he’s the agent of the robot. Her guards hurry her to pack for the airport and she sneaks to a side of the house while they load her luggage. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad to hear that you like the recap!^^After a few days, I’m still having bad drama blues so yes, this is indeed something different. She couldn’t always tell them apart. Don’t be lonely.”. I never hated him from a viewer’s perspective because I find that his emotions are actually understandable, even if not right. Realising that human Shin is just playing a prank on her, she walks off in anger with Maibo. Why would you go there?”. Namsin3 realizes that the kill switch has been reactivated and tells David about it. There were some people we didn’t really see much in the finale and ending and I do feel that something more could have been done. “The rule is to hug you if you cry.” She quickly pulls back and checks the watch. Season 2 Episode 36. ), Honestly, I haven’t even finished watching the show yet, but I get so tired of dramas breaking my heart that I developed the bad habit of going online to check and see if I need to prepare myself for heartbreak or not lol, which is how I stumbled across this while I’m barely on Ep. Young Hoon brings human Shin to the funeral parlour but he hesitates to step inside. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. That surely can’t be the crux of why you dislike the show. @#$%^&*()_-+=., characters. Young Hoon yells at him in rage and calls him an animal. Are You Human, Too Kdrama Live Recap Episode 33 and 34. The music brings out all the right emotions and my heart does break for Shin, who is both grieving for his mother and yet unable to cry. David thanks him for believing in robot Shin and he replies, “It was because he showed me things.”. She ends up visiting Laura’s hideout to meet him. Again he is mostly human, except for some of his inner components. Are You Human Too? But because this is the last episode and my final recap, I shall not spend any more time harping on other people’s comments! So rather it being a deux ex machina, I thought it to be well thought-out!). V August 6, 2018 Recaps. “Are you angry?”. He did right? In the past, she … The kill switch doesn’t work when the battery is taken out! And I’m so glad I did because now, I’m so proud of what the cast has achieved. Young Hoon tells David that it was Seo who told human Shin about Laura’s death and therefore, he’s suspicious. 1:57. season 1 episode 36. He quickly tracks So Bong and runs to where she is. Across the water, So Bong yells, “No!” Shin turns and his eyes connect with So Bong, then David. Meanwhile, everyone is out to search Namsin3 and Nam Sin, but Jong Gil refuses … It does make me think too – what are the laws that can regulate an AI? Stream the The Unstoppables episode, 36. Seo helps her up but she sneakily leaves her phone underneath the sofa. Finale week! I think along the lines of the not usual ending. And thaaat’s the end of Seo. “Are you afraid? Another shot rings out, then yet another shot. Which is alright if that’s your ideals and your views! Stamp of approval! ; The drama tells of an android called Nam Shin III who must pretend to be the son of a rich family when the real Nam Shin falls into a coma. A boy who yearned for the extraordinary, and the twisted love story that swallowed up too many people, … Kudos!! :P) ur commentary rang true for me the whole way through, and now I not only feel happy about watching the rest of the show (a happy ending, YAY! It thugs your emotions back and forth. Yes our dear robot didn’t die thank goodness. I watched an interview where Seo Kang Joon said that Gong Seung Yeon helped him out a lot because he would bounce off the vibes from her, as to whether she’s interacting with robot Shin or human Shin, in order to keep tabs on who HE is supposed to act as. This. Laura dying was probably the only way to bring him back to sanity but I still feel this sense that the same could have been done if only the scriptwriters chose an alternative route. Okay anyway back to the show. The series premiered on Mon Jun 04, 2018 on KBS TV2 and My Robot (S01E36) last aired on Tue Aug 07, 2018. She asks how long he would stay like this and he murmurs, “I keep seeing Mum.” I initially thought he meant a hologram error where he sees Laura, but turns out, he has been replaying the memory of Laura’s death over and over again. David then enters the home and continues on Laura’s work of the kill-switch. I guess for me, I really don’t see a point in the script making a switch at the end and the two Shins were also acting respectively as human Shin watching and robot Shin with So Bong.

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